I'm talking to you.  

Yes, you - the athlete, the untapped potential, the future success - that all rests deep inside your competitive soul.  

You have what it takes.  

You possess the natural abilities.  

So use them, get after it, and be relentless.

Train harder.  Practice longer.  Perform better.  Play stronger.

Don't disrespect your body with shortcuts or synthetics.  Just like your game, your integrity is on display.  
Go ahead.  Be a leader; be that role model.  Put yourself to work and let your actions be loud.  
Alter your body with an intense work ethic that transforms your play so that coaches take notice and opponents create game-plans just to try and keep you in check.  

Let all of that time, effort, and energy come together to see how high up that athletic mountain you can climb.
Have confidence.  Trust your skills.
Play the right way.

And continue to be you.

Because then deep down in that competitive soul... 
You can honestly say... 

​My Best Is Me.